How to Build a Kegerator

How to Build a Kegerator

Bottles. We house brewers accumulate them, retailer them, wash them, and fill them. It takes time and area. Sooner or later we would like a quicker approach to benefit from the beer we brew. In the end we would like it on faucet for now not most effective saving area however to have that “Brew Pub” beer at house. Right here is a straightforward low value approach to experience your personal brewed beer at house directly from the faucet with out spending your hard-earned cash on a commercially made Kegerator.

Once I went from unmarried batch 5 gallon extract kits to an all-grain setup brewing 10 gallons at a time, I too were given uninterested in the bottles and sought after to keg. I got here up with an alternative approach to refrigerate the kegs and faucet the beer with out changing an previous fridge with a faucet at the door. I went for a decrease profile unit that may additionally glance just right in my lounge.

I purchased a small upright freezer on sale ensuring I’d have enough space within to have compatibility 3 5 gallon carney (soda) kegs. I additionally bought a separate temperature keep watch over unit that may run the freezer as a fridge. Extra on that later.

I wished a approach to mount the faucet(s) with out going during the facet of freezer. I additionally knew that I would wish further most sensible area at the within for the keg fittings and hoses. The lid because it was once didn’t permit enough space, so I considered elevating it with a body to make the unit taller. Now I used to be set to move.

I constructed a wood body out of one”X4″ picket, securing the corners with L-brackets at the within. Holes have been drilled for 2 faucets within the entrance and the gasoline line within the rear. The lid was once got rid of and the body put on most sensible securing it with window insulation between the body and the cooler. The insulation “adhered” the body to the freezer. The lid was once put on most sensible. The extra peak of the body now raised the lid upper.

The lid has two brackets for mounting it to the freezer. Each and every bracket has two holes, a most sensible and backside to accommodate mounting screws. The highest hollow of each and every bracket was once over the body with the ground holes aligning with the highest holes within the freezer. The ground holes within the freezer have been now unused. The lid was once secured by means of changing the screws during the bracket holes. Each and every bracket had a mounting screw into the body and into the freezer. The lid was once protected and closed at the body calmly.

I’ve a 3 approach port to cut up the CO2 line into 3. One for each and every keg. Additionally I’ve one CO2 line and a faucet devoted for a industrial 1/6 keg. I now be able of tapping my very own brew or a purchased microbrew.

An exterior temperature keep watch over unit was once connected to the facet of the freezer and plugged into an outlet. The freezer plugged into the keep watch over unit. A thermocouple twine was once positioned during the rear hollow at the body with the CO2 gasoline line and hung freely within the freezer so as to observe most effective the interior air temperature. A desired temperature of 60 levels was once set at the controller. As well as, I fixed a drip tray to the entrance with double again foam tape. My lounge was once now graced with a superb addition that in point of fact served a function.

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