What Happened To Amanda From Incredible Tiny Homes

What Happened To Amanda From Incredible Tiny Homes

What Happened to Amanda from Incredible Tiny Homes?

Amanda, the beloved host and co-founder of the popular YouTube channel Incredible Tiny Homes, has been a source of inspiration for countless viewers seeking adventure and downsized living. However, in recent years, Amanda has been noticeably absent from the channel, leaving viewers wondering what happened to her.

Decision to Leave the Show

The decision to leave Incredible Tiny Homes was a difficult one for Amanda. After seven years of creating and sharing content about tiny homes, she felt a need for a change of pace and a different direction in her life. Amanda wanted to pursue new passions, spend more time with loved ones, and engage in new challenges.

Pursuit of Other Projects

Post-Incredible Tiny Homes, Amanda has embarked on various projects that align with her interests and personal growth. She has become a certified life coach, allowing her to share her knowledge and experience in self-discovery and personal transformation. Additionally, Amanda has launched a podcast called "The Tiny House Lifestyle" where she explores the unique perspectives and stories of individuals living in tiny homes.

Continued Involvement in Tiny House Community

Despite her departure from the show, Amanda remains an advocate for the tiny house movement. She continues to be active on social media, sharing her insights and offering support to the tiny house community. Amanda also conducts workshops and speaking engagements to educate and inspire people about the benefits of downsizing.

Health Challenges

In 2020, Amanda experienced a severe health scare when she was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune condition. This diagnosis forced her to reassess her priorities and make significant lifestyle changes to manage her health. Through this experience, Amanda found strength and resilience within herself.

Personal Journey and Transformation

Amanda’s departure from Incredible Tiny Homes has been a pivotal moment in her personal journey. It has allowed her to explore new passions, prioritize her well-being, and redefine success on her own terms. She has embraced a mindset of growth, self-discovery, and living life with intention.

Additional Information about Amanda

LocationBozeman, Montana
EducationBachelor’s degree in business administration
Previous careerMarketing and sales
Current projectsLife coaching, podcasting, writing

5-10 Interesting Facts about Amanda

  1. Amanda’s tiny house was a 220-square-foot cabin on wheels that she designed and built herself.
  2. She has traveled extensively in her tiny house, visiting national parks and off-grid destinations.
  3. Amanda is an avid hiker and backpacker, often embarking on solo adventures.
  4. She has a pet dog named Atlas who is a constant companion on her travels.
  5. Amanda is a certified yoga instructor and incorporates mindfulness practices into her daily routine.
  6. She speaks fluent Spanish and enjoys spending time in Spanish-speaking countries.
  7. Amanda is a passionate advocate for sustainability and environmental conservation.
  8. She has a "side hustle" selling handmade jewelry inspired by her travels.
  9. Amanda is an accomplished writer and has contributed articles to various publications.
  10. She is a firm believer in the power of community and loves connecting with people from all walks of life.


Q: Why did Amanda leave Incredible Tiny Homes?

A: Amanda left the show to pursue new passions, prioritize her well-being, and explore different life directions.

Q: What projects is Amanda currently working on?

A: Amanda is a life coach, hosts a podcast, and conducts workshops about the tiny house lifestyle.

Q: What is Amanda’s current health status?

A: Amanda is managing a rare autoimmune condition and has made significant lifestyle changes to maintain her health.

Q: Is Amanda still living in a tiny house?

A: No, Amanda has decided to live in a larger house that better accommodates her current lifestyle and health needs.

Q: Is Amanda still involved in the tiny house community?

A: Yes, Amanda continues to be an active advocate for the tiny house movement and supports the community through workshops, speaking engagements, and social media.

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