How To Find Prices Of Sold Homes

How To Find Prices Of Sold Homes

How to Find Prices of Sold Homes: Uncovering Real Estate Transaction Data

Knowing the prices of sold homes is crucial for various reasons. Whether you’re a homeowner considering selling, a buyer searching for your dream home, or an investor seeking market insights, accessing information on home sales is essential. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you find prices of sold homes:

Public Records

1. County Records:

Most counties maintain records of real estate transactions, including sales prices. Visit the county recorder’s office or website and search by property address, parcel number, or grantor/grantee name. Fees may apply for accessing these records.

2. Municipal Records:

Some municipalities, cities, and towns also keep records of home sales. Check with the local city hall or tax assessor’s office to inquire about availability and access.

3. MLS (Multiple Listing Service):

Local real estate brokerages share information about listed and sold properties through MLSs. While MLS access is typically limited to members, you may be able to obtain pricing information from a real estate agent who has access to the MLS.

Online Resources

1. Property Websites:

Real estate listing platforms like Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin often display historical sales data for homes listed on their websites. However, these prices may not always be accurate or up-to-date.

2. Real Estate Data Providers:

Companies like CoreLogic, Black Knight, and ATTOM Data Solutions provide access to comprehensive property data, including sales prices. However, these services typically require a paid subscription.

Other Methods

1. Neighboring Home Sales:

The prices of recently sold homes in your neighborhood can give you an idea of the value of your own property. Talk to neighbors or contact the listing agents for information on comparable sales.

2. Property Appraiser:

Local property appraisers assess the value of homes for tax purposes. While they may not have exact sales prices, they can provide estimates based on recent assessments.

Additional Information in Table Form

County RecordsPublicRecorder’s OfficeFeesVaries
Municipal RecordsPublicCity Hall / Tax AssessorFree / MinimalMay be limited
MLSMembershipReal Estate AgentVariesHigh
Property WebsitesOnlineZillow, TruliaFree / PaidEstimates
Real Estate Data ProvidersCommercialCoreLogic, Black KnightPaid SubscriptionHigh
Neighboring Home SalesInformalNeighborhood InquiryFreeInformal
Property AppraiserAssessmentLocal Tax AssessorFree / MinimalEstimates

Interesting Facts

  • The median home price in the United States hit a record high of $375,300 in June 2022.
  • The National Association of Realtors (NAR) estimates that over 5.6 million homes were sold in 2022.
  • The average home sale price in the top 50 markets in the US is over $400,000.
  • The price of a home is influenced by factors such as location, size, condition, amenities, and market demand.
  • Home prices have historically appreciated over time, providing potential investment returns.


Q: How far back can I search for sold home prices?

A: The availability of historical data varies depending on the source. County records may extend several decades, while online resources may only have recent years available.

Q: Are sold home prices always accurate?

A: While most sources strive for accuracy, there may be occasional discrepancies. It’s recommended to cross-reference information from multiple sources and consider other factors that may affect the value of the home.

Q: Can I find the names of buyers and sellers?

A: In most cases, public records will only disclose the names of the parties involved in the transaction, but not their personal contact information.

Q: How often are sold home prices updated?

A: The frequency of updates varies. Public records may be updated periodically, while online resources may provide near real-time data.

Q: Can I use sold home prices to determine the value of my home?

A: While recent sale prices provide valuable insights, it’s important to have your home professionally appraised to determine its current market value.

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