What Color Does Home Team Wear In Basketball

What Color Does Home Team Wear In Basketball

What Color Does the Home Team Wear in Basketball?

In the world of basketball, there are unwritten rules and customs that govern the conduct of both the players and the spectators. One such convention pertains to the color of uniforms worn by the competing teams. Traditionally, the home team, which plays on its own court, dons light-colored jerseys, while the visiting team wears dark-colored ones.

This practice originated in the early days of basketball, when teams played outdoors on muddy or dusty courts. Light-colored jerseys helped distinguish the home team from the visiting team, making it easier for spectators to follow the action.

Why Light Colors for the Home Team?

There are several reasons why the home team typically wears light-colored jerseys:

  • Visibility: Light colors, such as white or light gray, are more visible against the darker background of the court, making it easier for players, referees, and spectators to track the ball and the movement of the players.
  • Contrast: Light jerseys create a greater contrast with the dark jerseys of the visiting team, enhancing the visual distinction between the two teams.
  • Tradition: The tradition of the home team wearing light colors has been established for decades, adding a sense of familiarity and continuity to the game.

Examples and Illustrations

In most professional basketball leagues, the home team adheres to the light-colored jersey rule. For instance, in the National Basketball Association (NBA), the home team traditionally wears white jerseys, while the visiting team wears black or dark-colored jerseys:

[Image: NBA home and visiting team jersey colors]

Additional Information

LeagueHome Team Jersey ColorVisiting Team Jersey Color
National Basketball Association (NBA)WhiteBlack or Dark
Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA)WhiteBlack or Dark
EuroLeagueWhite or LightDark
Basketball Champions LeagueWhite or LightDark
National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)White or LightDark
FIBA Basketball World CupWhite or LightDark

Interesting Facts

  • In some rare cases, the home team may opt to wear dark-colored jerseys for strategic reasons, such as attempting to gain an advantage in shadowy conditions.
  • In the early days of basketball, teams wore different colors on both sides of their jerseys, with the home team wearing white on one side and dark on the other.
  • Some teams have adopted alternative jersey colors for special occasions or to promote their brand.
  • The decision on jersey colors ultimately rests with the home team, who has the right to choose their own color scheme.
  • In international basketball competitions, the home team’s jersey color is predetermined based on the tournament regulations.


  1. Why does the home team always wear light-colored jerseys?

    • The home team wears light-colored jerseys to enhance visibility, contrast, and tradition.
  2. What if the home team wants to wear dark jerseys?

    • The home team has the right to choose their jersey colors, but it’s uncommon for them to wear dark jerseys due to the established convention.
  3. Do all basketball leagues follow the home team light jersey rule?

    • Most professional and collegiate basketball leagues adhere to the rule, but there may be exceptions in specific tournaments or special events.
  4. What happens if the home team and visiting team have similar jersey colors?

    • If the team’s jersey colors are too similar, the home team will typically wear light jerseys with dark trim, while the visiting team will wear dark jerseys with light trim.
  5. Are there any restrictions on jersey colors in basketball?

    • Yes, most leagues have regulations on jersey colors to ensure visibility and uniformity. For example, the NBA prohibits the use of neon or fluorescent colors.
  6. Why do some teams wear alternate jersey colors?

    • Teams may wear alternate jersey colors for various reasons, such as to commemorate special events, promote their brand, or simply change their appearance.
  7. What color jerseys do the Los Angeles Lakers wear as the home team?

    • White or gold
  8. What color jerseys do the Chicago Bulls wear as the home team?

    • Red
  9. What color jerseys do the Golden State Warriors wear as the home team?

    • Yellow or blue
  10. What color jerseys do the Miami Heat wear as the home team?

    • White or black
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