Is Progressive Home Insurance Good Reddit

Is Progressive Home Insurance Good Reddit

Is Progressive Home Insurance Good? A Comprehensive Reddit Review

Progressive Home Insurance is a popular provider in the United States, but what do Reddit users have to say about their experiences? This article delves into the Reddit community’s feedback to provide a comprehensive review of Progressive Home Insurance.


Progressive Home Insurance offers a range of coverage options for homeowners, including dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, liability coverage, and additional living expenses coverage. They also provide various discounts, such as bundling discounts, new home discounts, and loyalty discounts.

Reddit Reviews: Pros

1. Competitive Rates:
Reddit users often praise Progressive for its competitive rates. Many users report saving significant amounts of money when switching to Progressive.

2. Good Customer Service:
Positive reviews highlight Progressive’s responsive and helpful customer service. Users appreciate the quick turnaround time and the willingness of representatives to go the extra mile.

3. Easy Claims Process:
Several Redditors commend Progressive for its seamless claims process. They report prompt claim settlements and a user-friendly online platform for submitting claims.

Reddit Reviews: Cons

1. Limited Coverage Options:
While Progressive offers standard coverage, some Redditors express dissatisfaction with the lack of customizable options. They feel that the company could provide more tailored policies.

2. Potential for Higher Deductibles:
Users report that Progressive may sometimes offer lower rates but with higher deductibles. It’s important to consider the trade-off between lower premiums and higher out-of-pocket costs.

3. Inconsistent Adjusters:
Some Redditors have experienced issues with inconsistent adjusters. Different adjusters may provide varying opinions on coverage and settlement amounts.

Facts and Figures

  • AM Best Rating: A+ (Superior)
  • Complaint Index: 0.79 (Lower than industry average)
  • J.D. Power Home Insurance Study Ranking: 15th out of 29 major insurers

Comparison Table

FeatureProgressiveOther Major Insurers
RatesCompetitiveVaries depending on insurer
Customer ServiceGoodGenerally positive reviews across insurers
Claims ProcessSeamlessCan vary among insurers
Coverage OptionsStandardMay differ in customization options
DeductiblesPotential for higher deductiblesCheck with individual insurers
Adjuster ConsistencyMay varyCan depend on the specific insurer and adjuster

Additional Information

  • Progressive offers a HomeQuote Explorer tool that allows you to compare quotes from different insurers.
  • The company has a strong online presence and provides various resources, including an online claims portal.
  • Progressive focuses on technology, offering mobile apps and smart home discounts.
  • They provide coverage for home businesses, earthquakes, and flood damage (through separate policies).

Interesting Facts

  • Progressive has a long-running advertising campaign featuring Flo, the company’s spokesperson.
  • The company’s headquarters is located in Mayfield Village, Ohio.
  • Progressive is one of the largest auto insurance providers in the United States.
  • The company offers a range of discounts, including a multi-policy discount for bundling home and auto insurance.
  • Progressive has a charitable foundation that focuses on supporting education and community development.


1. Is Progressive Home Insurance more expensive than other insurers?

Progressive’s rates are competitive, but they can vary depending on factors such as location, coverage level, and deductibles.

2. Does Progressive offer discounts?

Yes, Progressive offers discounts for bundling policies, new homes, loyalty, and other qualifying factors.

3. How does the claims process work?

Progressive’s online platform makes it easy to file and track claims. You can submit photos, descriptions, and supporting documents.

4. What does Progressive cover?

Progressive covers standard risks such as fire, theft, and wind damage. Additional coverage options are available, including earthquake and flood insurance.

5. How can I get a Progressive Home Insurance quote?

You can get a quote online, over the phone, or through an independent agent.


Based on Reddit reviews and other sources, Progressive Home Insurance offers competitive rates, good customer service, and a seamless claims process. However, it may have limited coverage options and potential for higher deductibles. Ultimately, it’s important to compare quotes from multiple insurers to find the best policy for your individual needs.

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